Tips for Your Devices

Why is this happening?

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We all have a moment when our devices simply become less responsive or start to slow down in time. That’s when you usually realise: ”Oh, come on, this phone was much faster when I first bought it.” And it’s true, phones and computers are fastest when first used. But why are they slowing down in time? And what can be done to prevent that from happening?

Tips to make your devices faster

Sometimes a little tip or advice can save you from a trip to a repair shop.

Components to buy to speed up your pc

Buying new, better components is good and all. But How much is too much?

What should you do when you get a new device

Just bought it, moves fast. Why not keep that speed?

How to actually solve some problems

We all have our problems at certain ocasion, learn to solve?


Why should you waste time here?

After all, even if it was some information you already knew,it wouldn’t hurt you, would it? And besides that, it’s best when you look in multiple sources for the same information so that you make sure it’s not fake


Do you have some tips you want to share?

If you think you can contribute to this website with some useful info? Why not share it with us? You can either send me an email or you can post it as a comment to a post.