3 Tips to Take Better Care of Your Phone

Take Better Care of Your Phone

How do you take care of your phone? Do you wipe it once in a while? Do you run his cleanup apps? We’ve all been in a situation in which your phone started to refuse your commands. No, it didn’t gain his own mind, but rather the phone was so dissapointed by the lack of maintenance that it gradually slowed down. Slowed down to that point in which the phone’s response was veeeery slow. I needed to learn how to Take Better Care of Your Phone

I remember that one time I had an Ulefone Power. That was a very good phone that I used for a few years. The problem that I had with it was that it would get slower and slower by the day. And by quite a lot. At first, I thought it was something that happens to all phones. And yes it does. But Not. That. Fast. Mine was getting slower like the phone got a new virus every time I oppened it.

1. Perform daily antivirus check

Yea, it may look like a piece of basic information, but guess what. I found more than one virus on my phone. And yes, getting rid of them was a long and tedious process. I had a virus that kept showing me ads over literally anything, even on the lock screen.

Run the antivirus daily, you might not realize when you are getting a virus from scrolling on weird websites. It happened to many people, what makes you think you are safe from it? Don’t worry, there are lots of free good antiviruses. You just need to pick one that is best suited for your phone.

In my case, I already have one pre-installed and it is pretty good at doing its job. But you still need to Take Better Care of Your Phone

2. Delete the apps you don’t use

You have no idea how many people forget to do this. Even I forget to do it. There was a time when I wanted to install PUBG Mobile again and guess what. I suddenly remembered that I also had like 5 big games that I didn’t play anymore. I deleted those and I freed up almost 9 Gb.

And you know there are lots of small apps that give you a nice feature? Like installing a new home launcher? Well, some of them might be good, but most of them simply cost you performance. I mean, yes, they make your phone look good, but they also make your phone run slow.

Oh and please dont forget to delete the cache data from the apps that you just deleted. They remain in the phone even after you delete the app. It takes a small part of the storage, but when you have 100 deleted apps that ”small part” becomes quite big. Again, Take Better Care of Your Phone! (How to choose the perfect phone)

3. Don’t use it while charging

I’ve seen so many people walking while using their phone charging to a powerbank. That is not ok, for many reasons. The main one would be that while you use your phone, your attention to your surroundings drops by a lot. Meaning that if you aren’t careful, you might hit a wall, hit a person, get hit by a car, or have your phone stolen. Yes this happens a lot in some cities.

And also, when you are charging your phone you need to leave it alone for a few minutes/hours that it takes to charge. Go do some exercise, go clean the kitchen. Or simply spend time with your loved ones. It helps you, and it helps the others as well.

I know, I know that phones stop charging after they reach 100% battery, but the point I am trying to get at is that you need to take more care of your life and relationships than your phone.


As you just saw, even tiny bits of information can be of use. Sometimes you just need a tiny bit of information to unlock ourselves and be able to do the things that need to be done. That’s why some people never know this kind of information, because they think that small pieces of information are not useful or do now apply to their situation at all. So learn, even small bits of information, even small tips that someone gives you because they help you Take Better Care of Your Phone.

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