About myself


About me?

…your average student. That one that goes daily to classes, takes notes, raises his hand. Talks with friends… and so on. I have a pretty simple and basic life. Except when it comes to computers. I simply LOVE working with them.


Every post or article is written from scratch by me. I intend to make myself known for originality, copying would be bad.


While writing the articles and posts. I usually do an extensive research before, so I can show you only relevant information.


While this does not completely fit the requirement, I made this site in English to be more accessible for more people.

Ok, you know why you are here right? So let’s get down to business. I want you to have access to free information about technology, I want you to know how to save your device from certain problems. So why not subscribe? That way you will be up to date to all kinds of interesting facts and tutorials. 

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