How to Free up Space When your Computer is Full

How to Free up Space When your Computer is Full

A new game just got out, awesome graphics, new and interesting mechanics, a brand new plot in the storyline, and at a reasonable price. What could be better than this? You buy the game and you are ready to install it but there is a problem. ”There isn’t enough free space to install the game. Please free up some space and try again”. What could be more annoying than this? Time to learn How to Free up Space When your Computer is Full.

But the good thing is that there is a way to get out of that situation. And that is by simply installing a program that shows you what and how much space a file/folder is taking. In my case, I like to use a program called Folder size. Basically, what does this program do? It runs an analysis on the hard drive you choose and at the end of the analysis, it tells and shows you what folders have the biggest size.

Step 1: Install Folder Size

You might already ask: ”I don’t have enough space to download and install this game, how could I install this program then?” Well, for starters, this program is so damn small. It’s 4.7 Mb. The computer won’t even feel if you download and install it but it will thank you.

So, just go to this link, and after you download it, you can run it and follow through the installation process, it’s quite easy to do and follow. After you finish installing it you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Run an analysis

If you managed to get through the basic installing process, then you are halfway there to freeing up space on your computer. After the installation, it should get you to this window

How to Free up Space When your Computer is Full

And of course, it shows you nothing because you didn’t run an analysis yet. Just click on the green triangle next to the ”Local Disk” in the upper part of the program. It should start the process of analyzing and indexing what files and folders are there.

After a while it should show you the summary which should look like this:

How to Free up Space When your Computer is Full

Step 3: Start deleting

After you have the summary of what files are taking up the most space, It’s time to clean. You need to delete the things that you do not need. You can simply click on the biggest folder there and see what’s inside. And go through your computer and delete all those games that you don’t play anymore, or delete all those files that still are in the Downloads folder.

If you still can’t delete anything because you still need the files/programs then the only other alternative is to buy extra storage. Buy another HDD or SSD. Heck, buy a M.2 SSD if you want to.

You just learned How to Free up Space When your Computer is Full

Alright, time to wrap this up. Today I showed you how to free up space on your computer when it is full. Of course, there is more than one way to do this, you can format your Hard disk and install fresh windows (do this only if there is no other way). But overall this is a thing all of us should do daily. Well, not daily but at least monthly if not weekly.

It also helps us as humans to remember all those things that we forget to delete after we finished using them. I, for example, have lots of games that I don’t play anymore, and yes, I forget to uninstall them. And this might also be your case.

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