More than 2 Ways to Check if a Site is Fake

Check if a Site is Fake

If you are using the computer often, then you surely surf on the internet often. I am sure that at this point, you must have come across a website that was fake. I am talking about those websites that show many pop-ups, that require you to insert your email adress or that request your card details for ”security reasons”. Many people fell in that trap once and learned their lesson but what about those who didn’t have this problem yet? Well, for you my friend Here are 3 to check if a site is fake.

1. Does the site have many pop-ups?

If a website is full to the point of bursting with pop-ups then you might consider leaving the website. You know that someone can simply put an invisible ad over a button and when you try to press the button you press on the ad? Yea I hate it as well.

And there is also this kind of person that makes the button for download an ad. For example if you want to download a very old game from a sketchy website, there is a pretty big chance that the ”Download” (Don’t click it) button is an ad itself. That’s one way to Check if a Site is Fake. So don’t be upset, try another website because this one is fake.

2. Does it require your sensitive data to provide you with content?

By now we are all familiar with this kind of website where it gives you an excerpt of the content you are looking for and to read it all it requires to create an account and add an credit card to the account. ”It’s free” they say. I personally can’t trust this kind of website, I simply can’t. And yes, in case you weren’t paying attention this is another way to Check if a Site is Fake.

Also please do not give your card details easily. Ask some friends or a trusted person if they have used that site before and if you should trust it with your card’s details. Maybe they did use it and the site stole their card details, asking somebody beforehand is a good idea most of the times. Unless they are the ones that created the site and really want your money

3. Does it use redirects?

Ok, let’s slow things down a little bit. It is not a bad thing that a website uses redirects, they are some times useful for shortening links and such. But the thing that you should keep in mind is that when you see a redirect you do not know where that link leads you. It has a random sequence of numbers and leters and trust me, you have no way to figure out where that link leads you to.

It can happen to redirect you to the thing you were looking for and if that was your case, then good for you. But you should be aware of this just in case you don’t find what you are looking for.


I guess it is quite self explanatory this time. Just do the things that are normal to be done and try to test the websites before using them. There are also you can check if their SSL Certificate is up to date, or if the website has a misplaced or mistake in the name for example my webiste. If you see anywhere or just so you know that website is not mine.

That being said I declare your ”training” complete and you are ready to surf the internet in search for those cute cats videos.

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