Should you buy a Mechanical Keyboard? – 3 Good Reasons

Should you buy a Mechanical Keyboard?

If you are using a computer, you are 100% using a keyboard too. Be it touchscreen or physical. Keyboard helps us navigate and use the computer well. And few people know how much impact a mechanical keyboard has. I’m not going to explain all those mechanical switches that are on a keyboard, but I’m going to answer you question: Should you buy a Mechanical Keyboard? and I am going to give you 3 reasons.

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1. It gives you a better ”feel” when typing

If you had the chance to type on another keyboard you surely realized the difference between your keyboard and his/hers. Maybe his keyboard was easier to press the keys or maybe it made switching to another key faster due to its form. The main idea is that it felt different.

While not all keyboards feel the same, they certainly are made for different types of typers (yea, I see the mistake). For example I’m using a membrane keyboard that has hard to press keys. And it makes my typing slower. I used to have a red-switch mechanical one, but it broke. That one was good and my typing was faster with it but it was considerably louder. For me it wasn’t a problem since my room is quite isolated from the others in the house. 1 out of 3 Reasons. And we are closer to the answer to your question (Should you buy a Mechanical Keyboard?)

2. It helps you make less mistakes

Yes, you read that right, it really helps you make less mistakes. I’m almost sure that this situation happened to you before: You type your stuff and several times you press the keys too easy and the letters don’t appear on the screen. This usually happens when using membrane keyboard, but it’s not just it.

Usually the solution to this problem is to either adapt and press harder in the future, or to buy a new keyboard. And yes, while buying a new keyboard requires more resources, think of it as an investment rather than an expense. I use my keyboard a lot when I work. I write these articles, and I copy hand written books in a electronic formal. A mechanical keyboard really helps my work, since it’s easier to press the keys. (I use a red-switch keyboard) 2 of 3 Reasons and, again, one step closer to the answer you desire (Should you buy a Mechanical Keyboard?).

3. It makes your tping faster

”Don’t give me this bullshit” you say? But it’s true, and to prove I’m not lying I will present you this story: Do you remember the first time you bought a bicycle? Or the time your parents bought you one since you wished for it very much? How did it feel when you first learned to ride it? Awesome right? But then a few years later, you decide that you need a new bicycle, the old one is too small for you. You buy a new better bicycle and ride it. You can go faster with this one and you can go on certain terrains without worrying about anything.

Well, it’s the same with keyboards too. You buy your first one, or you use a membrane one first, and when you get a mechanical keyboard, things start to become faster. You feel the change in your typing speed. You also needn’t worry about making more mistakes due to not pressing the keys hard enough.

Conclusion – Should you buy a Mechanical Keyboard?

Boom, and done, you have now your answer. Should you buy a Mechanical Keyboard? Yes, and I got you 3 reasons for that. Notice that you have 0 reasons not to buy one. But, in the end it’s your choice alone. You might type faster with a membrane keyboard or you might feel better with a blue-switch one. The important thing you should always look for, is making yourself more productive and efficient. Why do you think ergonomic keyboards were invented?

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