What is the best antivirus?

the best antivirus

We all know that there is no such thing as ”the best antivirus”. What we do know in fact, is that we might not even need an antivirus at all. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you should go to any sketchy site that you know of, and download free money. That would be absurd.

What I’m talking about is that if we learn how to protect ourselves, the antivirus won’t have as much work to do. And I feel your question: “Why do antiviruses exist then?” And the answer is simply because some people don’t know how to protect themselves.

The best antivirus

As I mentioned before, the best antivirus is being cautious. Well, I know why you might want to get a free Netflix account, but trust me, as good as it looks, the owners of the site have something to gain in return for you getting that account. They might get data from you, data like your location, or what ads work best on you. Some might even get your browsing history.

What I’m trying to say is that if you don’t want to have such problems, then don’t try to get free things illegally, it’s common sense. But if you already downloaded at least once from such sites then what should you do? Well, for now, you can only hope the guy doesn’t have any important information about you.

Other antiviruses

“What about AVG, Avast, and other programs then?” Well, while they do their job, they don’t do more than Windows Defender does. But they do sometimes come with a perk that Windows Defender doesn’t have. For example, Avast Antivirus has an option to identify fake shopping websites. And it is quite useful when you buy a lot of things online.

One thing to be careful of though. Usually, this kind of program puts a significant load on your PC. So make sure that your computer can handle the rest of the work without any issues. For example, I remember having an old computer. And I had to install Windows 10 on it since it had Windows 7 and it was outdated.

I somehow managed to install Windows 10 on it and it was still running at a decent speed. But then I wanted to install an AVG antivirus to make it safer in the future. But guess what: after a restart, the PC became slow. Well, it was running and it was doing its job, but it was very slow.

How to avoid getting a virus

We all know that viruses are really bad for our computers. A virus, no matter how small, can lead to a much bigger problem. There are some specialized programs out there that can remove any virus from your PC. But using such a program would take long hours. And I am not sure if you can wait that long when you have work to do, updates to download, and games to play.

But if you want to check whether you have a virus, there is a simple option in windows for that. You need to go to WIndows settings>Update and security>Windows security>Virus and threat protection and there you just need to click on “Quick Scan”

If you don’t trust Windows defender as much as I do, then I recommend you Avast antivirus. Or any antivirus that has a really good reputation in this domain.

Conclusion – What is the best antivirus?

Caution. Caution is your best antivirus. If you don’t go on fake websites or click on strange links, then you don’t need an antivirus, you are keeping yourself safe. You don’t need to stress yourself with “what is the best antivirus?” or “What is the most efficient antivirus?”. You are already safe enough.

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