What Should I Upgrade First On My PC

What Should I Upgrade First

OK, I just found out that I have an old PC somewhere in your house and I could use it just well for my purposes. The problem is that the PC is a bit old and could get an upgrade. What Should I Upgrade First On My PC? Is it eve worth investing in upgrading a PC? Those questions are the ones we’ll be answering today.

After all, if you really need that PC you should invest a bit into buying some components that make sure the PC will run faster. But before you go all out and buy every component possible, make sure they will fit. You don’t want the surprise when you realize that the PC can’t have more than 8 GB or ram.

What is the most necessary thing to buy?

What Should I Upgrade First On My PC? Well, I think I’m not mistaken if I say that the first thing you should buy for a PC is an SSD. Why? It’s simple, it makes your PC, twice as fast if not three times faster. Although it is more expensive than your usual HDD, the HDD won’t give you the same speed. HDD’s are great for storing large amounts of data, while SSD’s are great for having operating systems on them.

What should i upgrade first on my pc

What Should I Upgrade First On My PC? First buy an SSD, what’s next? Ok, that depends on what kind of device do you have. You have a laptop or do you have a computer? Because depending on that I can suggest you the next thing to buy.

Me, for example I would look at the weakest thing that I have in my PC. I have only 2 GB of RAM? Upgrade that. My graphic card, can’t take the games I’m playing? Upgrade that. The CPU is always overloaded? Upgrade that.

I used to have a problem with my RAM memory all the time on my older PC. No matter what I did or played it would always say ”Memory – 99%” I might have had a virus then but I’m not sure. But one day I bought another 4 GB of RAM and guess what: My PC didn’t have as much problems as before. I could run some games much smoother, my programs were loading much faster. It was perfect for me.

So, as I said before, the next step should be to get more RAM. Usually you buy RAM in certain amounts: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. But it’s not obligatory, it’s just the habit. Before you buy any more RAM though, make sure your motherboard can take more RAM.

I remember having a PC that had 3 GB of RAM. And I wanted to use that PC to host a Minecraft server for a few friends of mine. And, obviously, I wanted no lag on the server. So I decided that I should put another 4 GB of RAM into it. I did just that and guess what: my PC wasn’t starting anymore, instead it was emitting some high pitched noises. Yea, those beeps.

I struggles 2 hours to find out what the problem was since I knew that the RAM was good. I looked on the internet and I found out something interesting which ended my whole efforts. The motherboard couldn’t take more than 3 GB of RAM. So I had to host that server with just those. Next What Should I Upgrade First On My PC after all that?

SSD? Check. RAM? Check. Now what?Which one to choose?

Now it comes down to the harder part. If you already have enough RAM and you already have an SSD. What should you buy next? Well, you have to choose between a new CPU and a new GPU. Since both can be equally useful in certain situations. Ok, let’s break it down so we can make an easier decision.

What can a better CPU do to improve your PC? Well since we know that it is basically the head of the computer, we can assume that a better head can help at doing more tasks at the same time, or do one heavy task faster than usual. So, having a better CPU with more cores can make possible for your PC to do more tasks at a time and/or solving one big task faster.

GPU on the other side, has something else it has to do. The GPU is responsible for everything you see on the screen. And it is also responsible for a part of the processing. Since the GPU is a mini-computer. It has RAM(VRAM) a CPU and a motherboard. (please understand this is an analogy). And in some cases it can ease some work for the CPU by doing some of the processing itself.

So, down to the problem at hand. What should I upgrade first on my PC between these two? Honestly both of them are expensive as hell. But I think you should go for the CPU first, and here’s why.

Most CPU’s have an integrated graphic card. (those with ”F” at the end of their name don’t have an integrated graphic card). And that can do just well while playing games, so if you are not that eager to play the next version of the Forza Horizon 5, then go buy a better CPU.

Alright, that’s all for today. Thank you for taking your time to read all this, I really put my time into writing all this. Again, if you find a mistake or you think you can come up with an awesome idea to help make this website better, send me a message in the contact section. Have a nice day.

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